Sunday, 28 November 2010

The opening of My sisters keeper.

I decided to look at the opening of this film as it's not an opening you would expect. The opening really sets the mood for the rest of the film and tells the audience a bit of what the film is going to be about.

The image opens on a distorted image and the screen flickers different colours and you see a kite. The music is slow and simple like the kite. You can tell the image has been shot by a hand held camera to get the home movie effect. You hear a girl speaking over the top. She explains her story and the image changes to ones of kids who look happy. This is also shot with a hand held camera to get the home movie effect. You see a shot of a woman in a wedding dress who you presume is their mother. Then you see a woman who's pregnant. The images flicker a lot and aren't focused very well. It changes to someone who is flicking a book however a video seems to be on every page of someone running.

The images change to the children as they're older. I like the way this opening has been filmed as it tells the family background so you know who the characters are e.g. the mother, the sister Kate and the girl who is narrating the story. By the end of the opening you know the sister Kate is ill and has cancer and the girl was born so she could save her sisters life. The opening doesn't tell you what the film is going to be about, only the past.

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