Sunday, 28 November 2010

The opening of Casino Royal.

As we are going to be making an opening sequence for our final I decided to look into some opening sequences to see what looks good and what does not. First I looked at the opening sequence of Casino Royal. Casino Royal is part of the James Bond series.

This is the clip I used to see the opening sequence.

The scene opens in on a fade in of an establishing shot. This shows their location. The movement within the first shot is smoke coming out of a car. The scene is shot in black and white, to either a change in time for example in the future or in the past. Then a black car pulls up outside the building and you see a very low angled shot of someone getting out of a car, this shows their high status. They look mischievous as if they have a secret. They then use another low angled shot to show the elevator going up. They show the floor's changing on a little screen inside the elevator. This could also be interpreted as a count down. But a count down to what?

As he gets out the elevator, you see him speedily walking away. They decided to use a medium long shot for this and it slowly pans left and zooms in. They use a low angle shot to show the door opening. The room is quite dark, showing a hidden agenda maybe.

You hear a quiet noise which doesn't match the mans movement, then they quickly cut to a close up of his face. His face is well lit on one side and not very well
lit on the other, maybe showing he's not completely truthful. You hear speaking and the man quickly turns around and the camera pans left. You see James Bond sat down and he is barely lit. They use a high angle shot and James Bond is positioned near the bottom of the screen showing he may be venerable at this moment in time. The man moves across the room and sits down, subtly opening a drawer containing a gun. They use a medium long shot which you can only just see James Bond in as he is barely lit.

The man asks, "you aren't a cricket fan by any chance are you?" and the scene changes to a cricket match. Its still black and white, showing a change in time. Writing fades in at the bottom saying "LAHORE, PAKISTAN". You can see a normal atmosphere, people are playing cricket and others are watching. The cricket players are wearing white maybe showing their innocence, where as James Bond is wearing dark clothes. Then you see a shifty looking audience member who keeps looking around to see who's watching. When he notices James Bond, who is once again barely lit. The man quickly makes a move like he's got something to hide & James Bond quickly follows. The music cuts in and is fast paced. They use a hand held camera shot to show the anticipation and build tension. There is a cut shot and you see the man frantically running up the stairs when James Bond slowly walks into the room. They use a hand held camera again. You see the man run into the toilets and pull out a gun, when James Bond comes into the room. The music is getting faster and the cut shots are getting faster. They begin to fight. The director decided to use medium long and close ups for the scene as you can see whats happening and their expressions.

The colour begins to turn a sepia colour and you hear the mystery man hit James Bond with a bin, when the scene changes back to the office and you see the man pull out a gun and point it at James. Although you cannot see James you know it is to him as they have used the same angle previously. The music slows down a lot to build tension. They use a close up of the mans face and you see him slowly smile and speak. He pulls the gun and nothing happens. There's a cut shot to James who slowly lifts his hand and he's holding the gun. 
Theres then cut shot and you hear the man crashing against something and it breaks. They use a low angle shot and the man is in a venerable position. They use a close of of James Bonds face to see the anger. You see the man who we thought was dead reach for a gun, they use a reverse shot and show James Bond who quickly turns around and then it turns into the opening titles.

I like the way this opening has been shot as it shows you, the location, the characters and some of the storyline. Although you are left wondering who the man at the cricket match was and why James needed to kill him.

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