Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Mize en scene in Desperate Houswives

The scene is set on a small lane in the American suburbs. There are four main characters in desperate housewives who the TV drama is based on. This particular scene is set in mid afternoon on the street. You get to see each of the housewives on this particular day.


The costumes within this actual scene are casual.

Bree: Bree is a well respected working class woman who wears pearls, cardigans and pencil skirts. You can tell what sort of person she is by her outfit as it shows she prides herself on being a perfect mother, wife and friend.

Susan: Susan is a working class mother who is recently experiencing money problems. She wears jeans, a basic t shirt and trainers. You can tell she is an active person as she wears comfortable clothes rather than anything too dressy.

Lanette: Lanette is a mother of 5 and a wife. She normally wears oversized shirts and linen trousers. She is a stay at home mum due to recently giving birth.

Gabrielle: Gabrielle is a former model who has a top class businessman husband and two children. She is wearing a figure hugging jogging suit in lime green. She is also a stay at home wife.


The lighting is slightly artificial and doesn’t seem too life like sometimes however they are stood in daylight in part of the scene which looks better.


There are some top actors in desperate housewives such as Teri Hatcher, Marcia Gross, Eva Longoria Parker and Felicity Huffman. There has been some guest appearances such as John Barrowman, John Schneider & Emily Bergl.

The actors are very good and they play believable characters who people can relate to e.g. the working class mother, the divorcee, the mother on maternity leave and the stay at home mum.


The movement in the scene makes the scenes flow well, they all seem to be in the right place and camera angles are very good.

IMAGE: "Desperate Housewives" 

Some of the props I saw was

Cooking bowl and spoon
Newspaper & mail
Baby bottle

They are sometimes used to get a character from one place to another e.g. outside to get the mail and they bump into a friend or go to get a baby bottle from the fridge and they see something out the window.


The setting is a normal summer afternoon on a lane in suburb America. Most the girls manage to cross each other in the scene e.g. using props and driving past each other and waving. Each one of them is in their house with their family.


There are both diegetic and non diegetic sounds within the scene. Some examples of diegetic I heard within the scene were wind and birds.

Some examples of non diegetic music I heard within the scene were a tumble dryer, a coffee machine, a car, speaking and walking. They also played a bit of subtle music to get between places like a piano played quietly as it swapped between characters. The upbeat music fit in perfectly making the scene flow well

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