Monday, 15 November 2010

Music video - B.O.B ft. Bruno Mars - nothing on you.

I decided to look at the music video for B.O.B's nothing on you. They made the video by taping people like B.O.B and Bruno Mars on a White background and ripped out 10-15 images every second to make the image move smoothly. They then placed the images on a background.

At the beginning of the video you see loads of different girls and they have ripped the images so they have the mouth of one, the eyes of one and the hair of another. They then change it to B.O.B who is singing.

 As the chorus ends they show B.O.B walking down the street. Each thing down the street, for example trees, street lights & the lines on the road have all been ripped out so have outlines. The outline around B.O.B changes alot as it's been ripped out.

The shot of B.O.B walking was filmed by B.O.B walking on a White treadmill on a White background. They mainly use eye level medium long shots and close ups as they are realistic and personal for the love song.

As B.O.B says "I've been to London," they change the back ground to Big Ben & houses if parliament. He then says "... I've been to Paris," they change the background to the eiffel tower. They change the back ground to Tokyo as he speaks of going there and they change the back ground as he speaks of going to Georgia and New Orleans.

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