Monday, 8 November 2010

Tim Burtons Alice in wonderland!

The film stars blockbuster favourites such as Jhonny Depp, Barbara Windsor, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hatheway, Helena Bonham Carter, Matt Lucas & Alan Rickman.

The first scene opens as a fade in of the moon in the night sky and fast paced music is playing. The camera slowly zooms out over London city and you see Big Ben is lit up. It then keeps zooming out and pans down to a window which it zooms into. I like the way this film opening has been shot as you get the location and time of day yet you are left wondering who's window it is.
Once inside the room you automatically can tell the time period, which is about 200 odd years ago. The men in the scene are wearing suits with bow ties which shows they're high status. A young girl of about 8 walks into the doorway and says nothing. The father asks "the nightmare again?" this leaves the audience intreged into what nightmare they are on about!

They use alot of close ups and medium camera angles and they are constantly playing a small amount of quiet music. The rooms a slight sepia colour to show the authenticity of the scene.

The next scene fades in at a medium long shot of a horse drawn carriage with medium writing saying "13 years later". The camera pans down as the carriage draws closer.

The costumes are big dresses with corsets and stockings, you can tell the people within the carriage are of high status by their extravagant clothing.
They use cut shots between scenes of dancing to flash between medium long and close ups. They mainly use eye level shots and classical music is playing in the background.

I like the way the scene where Alice falls down the tree after chasing the rabbit is shot. She falls down the tree and is seen falling. You see a point of view shot as she is falling and she is looking at the exit and you see her hands waving about. The picture swiftly changes from sepia to blue and back again. When she is falling she bumps into books, pianos and all sorts. The fast paced music makes the scene alot more intense and dramatic. You see a reverse shot of her looking at the piano and falling on her, and you see the piano. The cut rate increases as the tension builds up. When she lands, she notices everything in the room is upsidown, the camera turns 360 degrees and she falls to the ground. The sepia colour are used
To represent unnatural and the film is set in the past. The image begins to become distorted and the image moves double time. Tim Burton chose to use a close up of Alices hand as she trys a key in the door and as she finds it doesn't work they use a high angle shot to make her seem vulnerable. The image suddenly changes to a point of view shot of two people talking about Alice and they're looking at her through a keyhole. I like this as your left in suspense as to who's talking!

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