Friday, 3 December 2010

A few opening sequences...

I used "art of the title sequence" to look at a few opening sequences.

Mr Magoriums wonder Emporium

The opening of this film is a brightly coloured animation which sets the mood for the film. The bright colours and cartoon style images show that this film is probably going to be a childrens comedy film. I like the way the titles have been included in the animation as they've made them interesting.

Forest Gump

The opening sequence for Forest Gump is fairly simple. You see a long shot of the city showing the location and toward the end of the opening sequence you meet Forest Gump who is played by  Tom Hanks. The titles have been layed out in a classic way.


The opening sequence is ok, not great. You get to meet the main character, Juno, and you can see part of the location. The opening is partly animated, which makes it abit more interesting.

Catch me if you can

Although the opening sequence tells the whole story in 2 minutes of cartoon,  I like the way it's been filmed. In the opening you see a woman being chased by a man, probably a love interest, telling you it's a romantic/action film. I like the way the titles have been included in the sequence as they look like part of the picture.

The incredibles

Within the opening sequence you see two of the four members of the family and their power. I like this as it gives you abit of the story but doesn't give the whole film away. They use colours red, purple and blue. These colours are important throughout the film, so the choice to use these colours was good. The titles have been included in the opening in several different ways such as in bubbles, clouds and on glass windows.

Napoleon dynamite

I like the way the titles have been included in the brightly coloured opening sequence. Each name has been written in a different way for example, on an ID card, on a plate in ketchup, on magnets and written on paper. I would consider doing something like this, as I think it's original and upbeat.

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