Monday, 31 January 2011

Our film location

These are a few shots of the location where we are going to film.  We are going to film in and around the church in Yarnton. 

The location is perfect for our film. We think this because outside the church you have all kinds of old graves and outside the church it looks very old fashioned. There are stone walls and wooden gates.

There aren't many street lights down this road. We liked this about the location as street lights give an artificial light that looks orangey on camera. We would either film at dusk or dawn meaning it would be darkish but not too dark. This means we could use daylight and subtle lighting e.g. torches.

I shot these photo's during the day. This was a bad idea as we would be filming during at dusk or dawn so the lighting would be different. 

We chose Yarnton to film as it's local to everyone and everyone would be able to get there. Th is means people should be able to get to every filming. 

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