Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday 14th January 2011 - Meeting 5

Today we met again as a group and decided our final storyline. We decided to stick with ghosts as it’s an original theme and if we pull it off it would be really effective and keep people hooked.

Our story begins with a close up of someone’s feet. You see them frantically running bare foot, but you don’t know why. We would use several different shots and frequent cut shots to make it seem tense. Also we would use several high angle shots; they make the person/people within the shot seem vulnerable and weak. You would then see a girl frantically running up a lane. We would then maybe use a longshot and you see the girl running towards the church being chased. You then see her run and hide behind a grave. We would make the image of her fill the whole screen and then you would see a hand coming down. There would be a cut shot and we would maybe show some credits and it would flash forward to today. There are several people stood by the same grave and there is a man speaking of the girl who died by the grave, he would speak of people still hearing her scream late at night. Once the man has finished speaking the group and tour guide walk off, however one person remains, they are dressed all in black.

Costumes – The costumes in the beginning of this film would be a white dress for the young girl who’s being chased. The man who’s chasing would need dark, old fashioned, basic clothes. When we go forward in time we would need everyone to be in their own, casual clothes.

Lighting – We would film this opening during dusk, so it was a dark/eerie atmosphere that made the audience nervous. Too much lighting would spoil the opening as we feel it would take the scariness away in the first section. In the second part of the opening this would be filmed on a summers day. 

Actors - We are thinking of using a girl who’s aged between 12 and 18. We chose to use a girl instead of a boy as girls seem to come across more vulnerable and weak. We felt as a group this was the prime age for being chased; she wasn’t too old or young. We would like the girl to be pale and wear no makeup; they may even have messy hair. The pale complexion would seem ghost like and the no makeup would be due to the time difference. The messy hair would reflect the ciaos in the scene.  Also we would need a male character for this. We would like a middle aged male who had the dark and sinister look to him.

Movement – The movement within the scene would be the chase, so we would use several close ups and cut shots. We may pan, zoom or crab the camera a little.

Props – We wouldn’t need any props in this opening. This is because we are mainly focusing on her being chased. We may have some props in the second part when we are forward in time again people may be taking photos on their cameras.
Setting – Our setting is in a church graveyard. You see the girl run up the lane to the church and then through the graveyard and hides behind a grave. You would then see the church again. This would mean we need to look for a church with these characteristics.

Setting - This would be filmed in a grave yard. We are unsure of which yet, but we would need one with a long lane and it would need to look a bit creepy at night. 

Sound - We haven't yet spoken a lot about sound. We would need a lot of diegetic sounds like footsteps, breathing and wind. However we are unsure if adding music would take away the creepiness of the scene and make it cheesy. We would need to look into how we could add subtle music.

Next, we need to draw up a story line showing the camera angles, movement and sound. We also need to find the cast and find a location. Each person in the group is going to do a small part of the work to ensure that everyone pulls their weight. 

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