Wednesday, 12 January 2011

How stunt scenes are made

On YouTube I found a clip of the "Lights, Motors, Action" stunt show which is showed at Disney's Hollywood Studios. In the clip they show you how some stunts are performed. I decided to look at this clip to see further into how stunt scenes are filmed. 
They show an exciting car chase including some shooting and very near misses. When the car chase has ended they show you some raw footage which has been shot by several cameras. They use various camera angles and shots to make the footage look interesting. In the clip they speak of using a low angled camera whilst filming stunt scenes. This is because if the cars are further apart than you imagine then you wouldn't tell. 

At one point during the car chase you can see the car going over a ramp backwards. This stunt was made by swapping the steering wheel and controls to the opposite end of the car and fitting tinted windows this was so you would never know they was facing the wrong direction. During the car chase they use several different cars. This may be because they need one to go backwards and do stunts in reverse and they need one to go forwards or several different reasons. 

They also speak of how the cars are made differently so they are different from the cars that everyone owns. 

Next they show that sometimes they use a half a car. A half a car is split straight down the middle between the passanger and drivers seat. These are used for stunts. 

In films they sometimes use fill size remote control cars. This is used when the car is going to blow up in mid air or something dangerous. 

By looking at this clip I can tell that stunt scenes are very difficult to film. They use a lot of special equipment and take a lot of effort. Sometimes the stunts can seem cheesy however if you stick to a few basic rules like using a low angled camera and using a fast cut shot then you could make a more realistic one. 

These are of course the clips...

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