Friday, 14 January 2011

How do you choose the right film location?

When looking for a film location we remembered that we needed one which was reliable and set the mood for the film. For example, we couldn't have a picnic scene filmed on the motorway or a woodland scene filmed in an open field with no trees. 

There are many things we need to consider when choosing the location. We need a reliable location as if it's not free all the time, we might need to look for somewhere that is. This is encase we need to film at 3 in the morning or need an empty room. Also we can't decide we would like to film a scene in LA as we would struggle to get there. Another thing we would need to consider is somewhere that has parking, this is because if we had any heavy props or setting we would need to get it too and from the car. 
We would need to consider the welfare of our cast and crew members. Therefore we would need to choose somewhere with toilets and somewhere for them to sit and rest if we are planning to spend a long day filming. We may also consider taking food and drink. 

When we have finished using the location we will be expected to pick up any rubbish and tidy away all equipment to avoid too much disruption. 

As our film opening is a low budget film, we wouldn't have too much lighting or sound equipment. Therefore we wouldn't need plugs or flat surfaces for lighting.

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