Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Knight and day - opening sequence

Knight and day stars Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise it was released in 2010. The film was directed by James Mangold.

Overall opinion of the opening
This opening was brilliant. They used loads of medium shots, close ups, point of view and extreme close ups. They used loads of close ups on Tom Cruise face to show he's acting suspicious. They placed Tom Cruises character behind shop cabinets and you see just his eyes over the top. Then they used a point of view shot to show you what he is looking at. I think this choice of shot as it shows you he doesn't want to be seen or he's doing something he shouldn't be. 

First impressions of characters
The first shot you see of Roy (Tom Cruise's character) is a close up of the back of his head. This shot tells you that maybe he's hiding something, so maybe you don't really know him. Also it tells you he's a mysterious and suspicious person. I like this choice of shot as it tells you a lot about him as a character. Making the back of his head fill up the majority of the screen tells you he's going to be a main character. 

The first shot you see of Joy is fixing cars or looking for parts, this shows you this is one of her hobby's or job title. You can tell she's falling for Roy when she first see's him. This maybe insinuates he might be a love interest of hers later in the film. 

By watching this opening I can tell that the first impressions a character gives can tell you a lot about them. Their characteristics that they have during the first shot of them usually remain throughout the whole film. 

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