Friday, 15 October 2010

Music video - "for the first time" by the script

In the beginning of the video the girl is writing a post card, it is shot using a hand held camera. In the video she isn't talking however she is narrating what she is writing. The image frequently changes using cut shot which changes with the beat. The hand held camera gives you the effect your actually there and makes the image more real.

As they begin to sing the image changes using a cut shot and then the image is in black and white rather than colour. They use hand held camera and colour shots when shooting the actors however when shooting the band they use fixed cameras at a medium close up in black and white.

In the video they use various shots like medium shots, long shots and close ups. As the band reach the first chorus the image begins to be shot in colour. They use reverse shots and extreme close ups to show the emotions the actors within the video are feeling. The cut rate is about every 2 seconds meaning it's a fast paced video.

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