Friday, 15 October 2010

Love happens

The romantic comedy was directed by Brandon Camp in 2009. It stars blockbuster favourites like Jennifer Aniston, Aaron Eckhart and Dan Fogler. The film is a basic love story between two people who accidentally meet.

The film opens with a medium close up and changes between medium shots and long shots of scenery and the character, Burke. There are several cut shots between the shots of scenery which changes at the same time as the music in the opening sequence.

The main character, Burke, wears a suit in the film as he is a buisness man the costume works very well to portray his importance. The woman in the film, Erika, is a working class woman who wears knitted cardigans and casual clothes maybe showing she isn't as higher class as him.
Whilst watching the film I also saw low angle shots, high angle shots, medium long shots and long shots. I like the way the scenes are edited as the cut shots reflect the way Burke is feeling as he is waiting for his meeting. The several cut shots show his anxiety and how long he's been waiting.

They use a reverse angle shot as the man is giving a talk, this shows the man and the audience. They also use close ups of the audiences faces showing their reaction to the motivational speech being given.

The scene changes on a face out to the man being photographed for his book. As he is being photographed they make the cut rate faster and change between photo's of him and video and also add in a camera flick.

When the man has a flashback in the film he looks down and the shot is faded out. This colour of the video gets darker and there is subtle music being played to tell you it's from the past. 

The man often narrates the film at the beginning or end of the scene, one quote he says is...

"Chapter 2. Happiness is a state of mind, and like all things it takes practice. Devote at least 5 minutes everyday to smiling, just smiling, and one day it will become natural."

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