Wednesday, 6 October 2010


After watching a short clip of the all time classic Jaws (by Stephen Speilberg) we saw the different shots and how it was edited and I also saw a variation of camera shots and angles.

At the begining of the scene you saw several shots of the same people e.g. the man with the dog and the mother and her child. The several shots of the same characters lets you get to know the character before the action takes place.

One of the camera edits we saw was cut shots, these are where you focus on a subject. They are often used to emphasise feelings e.g. anxiety, excitement or enthusiasm.

Also as the scene built up the cut rate increased. The cut rate increasing adds tension to the scene and gets people on the edge of their seat.

Stephen Speilberg uses his trademark edits between scenes by having an actor walk past the camera. As the camera focus' on the person the scene can change location or camera angle.

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