Monday, 18 October 2010

17 again.

"17 again" was directed by Burr Steers in 2009. It stars Matthew Perry, Zac Efron and many others.

The film  begins with a close up of a basketball ring which has basketballs been thrown into. They then show a close up of his face which shows his emotion for the game.

In the film they use several different camera angles, for example, medium shots, long shots of the city, close ups, extreme close ups and point of view shots.

I like the way the basketball match was filmed as it builds up tension.

The scene fades in at a basketball scene. The cut rate of the scene is fast. The music is fast paced, the cheerleaders are dancing and the crowd are cheering. The cut rate is fast and there are lots of different angles making the scene a lot more tense. The different angles are wide, close up, medium and medium long.

In the scene the older Mike wears a suit to highlight the fact he is important however the younger mike wears trendy clothes, e.g. shirts, jeans and leather jackets. All the other characters wear casual clothes.

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