Friday, 24 September 2010

Casino Royale

To begin to understand how sound is edited in a film to make it seem more life-like we watched a behind the scenes of Casino Royal.

Some people say that sound makes up to 50% of the film.

In the behind the scenes we saw how they made the sound track for the film. First they shot the film and then they went back and added on a tune. The problems they faced when doing this was that when editors wanted to cut bits or make scenes shorter the music doesn't fit in time with the music.

Some of the sounds within the scene had to be added on after the scene was shot. This was because some of the gun sounds, hitting and such couldn't be heard when filming.

As they change between countries they change the style of music e.g when in India they play Indian music, when in Africa they play music with an African theme to it.

As the tension builds up in a film, they make the camera shots change faster and the music speeds up. Also they use sounds that will burst onto the screen, this will make the audience jump and give a better effect for example, they didn't show James Bond was driving a bulldozer then he bursted onto the screen.

In the film they re-use music to signify characters. They will show several short shots of a character doing something e.g. flipping poker coins, then when the sound is played again but not in the shot the viewers will recognise the noise and know what character is making it.

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